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Perimeter Control Scanners and Detectors

ZenScan UVSS automated under-vehicle scanning system with licence plate reader allows quick and easy checking and verification of hard-to-view areas beneath vehicles by providing a high-resolution, composite, colour image of the underside for accurate comparison with the manufacturer’s original build and any anomalies automatically identified.

 ZenScan UVSS Datasheet

ZencScan Under-Vehicle Scanning System

Hardened MobileTrace Sniffer provides a portable, lightweight chemical detector for explosives, taggants (agents in explosives), chemical warfare agents (CWAs), toxic industrial chemicals (TICs) and narcotics. MobileTrace has been tested to military standards and is designed for use in challenging environments to enhance perimeter entrance security by screening for threats that otherwise may pass undetected.

  MobileTrace Sniffer Datasheet

MobileTrace Sniffer Hand-Held Bomb Detector
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