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Perimeter Vehicle Control Barriers

StrongArm M30 and M50 anti-ram crash barrier with unique dual-arm design provides hardened security with fast, continuous-duty arm speeds of 5-7 seconds to minimise barrier open times with reduced traffic backup at 100-150 cycles per hour.

StrongArm is available with electro-hydraulic or manual/non-powered (NP) operation and in custom widths from 3.6m-7.3m. StrongArm is offered in M30 or M50 versions that have been crash-tested and certified (ASTM F2656-07 M30 P1 and ASTM F2656-07 M50 P2) to withstand 6.8 ton truck impacts at 50kph (30mph) and 80kpm (50mph) respectively, making them ideal for installation at embassies, government, military, police & other high security compounds.

 M30 StrongArm Datasheet

 StrongArm M50 Crash Test

StrongArm M50 Anti-Ram Crash Barrier

BoomTech vehicle barriers are available in widths of 3-6 meters with optional underslung aluminium skirting.

BoomTech M manual counter-weighted vehicle boom barriers for manned access control, suitable for low to medium traffic flow with heavy-duty cycles.

BoomTech A automatic vehicle boom barriers for unmanned access control, suitable for medium to high traffic flows and may be integrated with other vehicle barriers and access control systems.

 BoomTech M Datasheet

 BoomTech A Datasheet

BoomTech A Motorised Boom BarrierBoomTech A Boom Barrier with Traffic Lights

SpikeTech unidirectional spike barrier tyre shredders provide a secure vehicle access control solution with blocking widths of 3-6 meters and may be integrated with other vehicle barriers and access control systems.

SpikeTech S surface-mounted mechanical unidirectional spike barrier with heavy-duty simultaneously spring-loaded operation of all blades with 60mm rising spikes for up to 3 ton axle loads for easy and quick installation.

SpikeTech R recessed and motorised unidirectional spike barrier independently spring-loaded operation of every fourth blade with 200mm rising spikes for up to 5 ton axle loads.

SpikeTech R+ recessed heavy-duty unidirectional spike barrier in 1m lengths independently spring-loaded operation of each blade with 225mm rising spikes for up to 10 ton axle loads.

SpikeTech Grippa combined surface or recessed unidirectional spike barrier and boom barrier

 SpikeTech R/S Datasheet

 SpikeTech Grippa Datasheet

 Grippa Operation

SpikeTech S Spike Barrier

SpikeTech Grippa Spike Barrier with Boom & Traffic Lights
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